Friday, October 25, 2013

Hey, thanks

Longtime readers will know that November is traditionally my month of gratitude, in which I share a post a day on what I'm thankful for.

Longtime readers may also remember that last year, I made noise about how maybe I wouldn't do it quite the same way anymore.

At the time, what I was thinking was that maybe I'd do a month of gratitude every 13 (or 11) months, so that it wouldn't always be November — at least that might lend some diversity to my nature- or weather-based gratitudes. And I reserve the right to do that in the future.

But for this year, I just had an even better idea.

Guest posters.

Any of you want to do just one post in November for CMC on the subject of something for which you are thankful?* I'll take volunteers here in the comments. Every day I don't have a guest post to share, I'll post myself, just the way I have the last few years. Won't that be the funnest?

If you have questions, you can drop those right into the comments, too.

*Guidelines: Volunteers should be prepared to write a guest post on the subject of something for which they are thankful. Posts can be of any length. Deadlines will be mutually agreed-upon. Guest posters who have their own blogs will obviously be free to link to their own blogs. Guest posters who prefer to remain anonymous will be assigned a name to distinguish them from other guest posters or commenters. Potential volunteers who prefer to blog on a different topic are encouraged to look at my old month-of-gratitude posts and observe a long and proud history of writing whatever I want and twisting it to vaguely connect to gratitude.


Mike said...

There's a lot I'm grateful for and a good chance I'll get around to writing about some of it within a month.

Joe said...

Sign me up. Just tell me when you need it.

Kay said...

I would be happy to! Grateful, in fact. -Kay