Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Redefining "productive"

Today has been an unusually productive day.

Among the things I've done are going through old (in some cases, very old) notebooks at work, which have sometimes doubled as to-do lists or places to take notes about other things I've worked on. I've recycled a lot, filed some more. It's been very gratifying.

My note-taking may or may not be conventional. It was for sure shaped in the seventh grade. In seventh grade, it involved a hodgepodge of me actually taking relevant notes and writing down things for the edification of my friend and lab-table-mate Trisha, which I would then oh-so-slyly show her.

I still do that in meetings, except generally, I don't have anyone to show. I am essentially passing notes with myself, in among all the to-do lists. Sometimes I just make note of funny things people say; often I write down my real feelings about what is being said. I curbed that last impulse briefly when I was a reporter, lest my notes ever be subpoenaed, but made up for it with all the funny quotes I was taking down.

Anyway, here are just a few of the gems (quotes, to-dos, and my real feelings) that have emerged in these old notebooks today, for your lab-bench edification.

  • This is the creepiest form of joking.
  • "Oh, you're really talking. I thought we were quoting the play."
  • And then remember the next day, when it was still all like that?! Hahahahahahahaha
  • I understand XYZ, we'd be glad to have you join us — talked to J&D — SC
  • Made reserve pool for phone interviews
  • "accidental butt reiki"
  • "tastes like brown"
  • "calls himself a witch"
  • Add to cauldron: Irish soap actress, Chaz Bono
  • Who's real?
  • "I don't anticipate it's going to be smooth right away"
  • She took me to the carnival — I wonder what that means.
  • BE Akzidenz Grotesk
  • has a knack for wording good, reasonable questions so they sound as rude as possible
  • It is weirdly complicated, and most folks here wouldn't be able to articulate it
  • Talk to Ellen re: weather
  • So. Angry.
  • "I just carried a bust of Granny D made of plaster wrapped in a sweatshirt from the back of her son's Jeep to the archive."
  • Colonialist approach to service
  • diversity=lawyer
...and one haiku:
I won 3 raffles
Sang 9-5 with Manley
Lots of integers


mike said...

I've written lyrics about Granny D!

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Cool! Do you know her archives are at Keene State College?