Thursday, March 13, 2008

David Gregory

Fresh on the heels of a conversation with two women friends last night on whether or not we do or should dye our hair, and whether it's for reasons of grayness or blondness, another friend reminded me of one of my favorite factlets: David Gregory is less than a year older than I am.
If you don't know David Gregory, he is a TV journalist who seems like a real grownup, who does especially well grilling the president of the United States and also dancing goofily on the Today show.
The David Gregory conversation this morning went roughly like this:
She: Seriously, the man questions the president on a daily basis. Do you feel old enough to question the president?
I don't feel old or mature enough to question the president.
Me: This president? Yeah, I feel up to it.
I'm still letting my mother bully talk me into pink-and-green dining room curtains in my office, but I could handle this particular president, I think.

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