Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Democracy=Quaint=Ape suits

My friend who is originally from Texas but more recently from Virginia visited this weekend. As we went to my parents' house, she noticed the enormous sign announcing Town Meeting and was delighted.
I know some of you people think it's just something from old books, but it's real, and it's how we make decisions around here. Sometimes, I think it's neat that we do things in this superdemocratic way up here, and sometimes, I am very aware that a neighboring town has had to vote eight times over three years to fund a new school, and last time (last week) they were one vote shy of the two-thirds majority they needed.
For a kind of neat take on the whole thing, see the local newspaper's blog on town meetings in the area.


Mike said...

Ape suits?

bzzzzgrrrl said...

From the blog I linked to:

"7:13 p.m.
What a gorgeous day!
I'm loving the mud because mud means spring.
So, the warm weather certainly made it easier for folks to get out and vote today.
And there was a guy dressed in a gorilla suit in Nelson. I think he was protesting something ...help me out here, anyone know about this??"


"7:31 p.m.: Gorilla update
I'm told that Nelson resident Mary Dellagreca was one of the people dressed in an ape suit today in front of the town hall there. The get up was to help draw attention to Article 23 ...the Great Meadow issue. Dellagreca wanted folks to vote no on that issue.
When I walked by this afternoon, there was a guy dressed in an ape suit ...well, all but the head. I'm pretty sure it was the same costume. If not ... yikes."

There is also a picture.