Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tape, recorded

Would you like to know who is the queen of hemming her pants with tape at work while wearing them?

I will tell you: Me.

I am that queen, and they look damn good.

This is the very first time I have been sorry not to work in a cubicle since I stopped working in one. In a more open office environment, my office neighbors would be very impressed by this feat, as some were on more than one occasion in Washington.

Here, only those who read my blog will even know.

They look that good.


mike said...

Betcha could get coworkers to give you an opening to tell them about it, though. Just sit there at work wearing a construction paper crown all day. Eventually someone will ask why. (Unless I still have a lot to learn about New England.)

Jennifer said...

I prefer staples myself, although tailor I go to laughs at me. There's less chance of the fix falling apart, plus I'm usually annoyed at the pants so taking a stapler to them feels good.