Thursday, July 23, 2009


This is one of those memes that goes around, and I thought I'd done it already, but now I think maybe not. You Google your name and "needs," and post the first five answers that come up. Mine (using my real first name) go like this:
  • [bzzzzgrrrl] needs a home.
  • [bzzzzgrrrl] needs to be bonked.
  • [bzzzzgrrrl] needs a haircut.
  • [bzzzzgrrrl] needs braces.
  • [bzzzzgrrrl] needs tacos.
Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Right?
Oh, no.
So much better when done with "does not need."
  • [bzzzzgrrrl] does not need the help of any paintings or pictures to make the varied combinations of colors and designs on her wall hangings.
  • [bzzzzgrrrl] does not need a bigger penis, doesn't play video games, hates ringtones, and despises advertising of any kind.
  • [bzzzzgrrrl] does not need permission to enter her own official residence, as she is the president's wife.
  • [bzzzzgrrrl] does not need added income, and the foundation fees will not be a large part of her annual income.
  • [bzzzzgrrrl] does not need to sleepwalk to express herself.

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Swistle said...

I got a bunch of matches to other blogs doing the same thing, but my first REAL ones were:

1) needs to get over herself
2) needs to attend Comic-Con
3) needs to break up with him

Then I got:

1) doesn't need a babysitter
2) doesn't need all that B.S.
3) doesn't need to work on her media savvy