Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Tonight (that's the tonight that I'm writing and posting this, not the tonight I should have written and posted, which was two days ago), a friend from high school was in trouble. In minutes, other high school friends had rallied around, determined where he was and helped him to get the help he needed.

I was not involved in this effort; by the time I was even aware of it, the ordeal was over. But I was amazed to watch it unfold after the fact. I know there are those who think social media is stupid or impersonal, that "friends" you only interact with through the internet are not friends at all. But my experience is that people care, deeply, about the people who have touched their lives, and that Facebook (and this blog, ahem) facilitates that caring.

Day 14 of my month of gratitude: Tonight, I am thankful for the "social" in social media — and for the safety of someone who might have been less safe.

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