Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I had this whole awesome sarcastic post written in my head that only about three of you would have gotten for the sarcastic sarcasm it would have been and the rest of you would have wondered what the hell I was talking about, and it would have been just brilliant, better than "A Modest Proposal," but somehow sarcastic rants that could also come back to bite me did not seem in keeping with the spirit of the month of gratitude.

I also had a very loving, very sincere post half-written in my head, totally in keeping with the spirit of the month of gratitude, but the only way that one would have made any sense would have been if I'd divulged information that is not mine to divulge.

It is one of those kinds of days.

Day 9 of my month of gratitude: Days like this, I am thankful just to get through. And I did.

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