Wednesday, November 23, 2011


[Here's Part 1 of The Plattsburgh Saga.
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I hardly know where to start updating you on yesterday's situation, so I will start with the chat I had with my Rock Star friend from my smart phone in the tow truck (edited only slightly for length and clarity):
me: I am on my way to lake placid
  And I am having the most ridiculous adventure
  Including my transmission dying
 And the transmission place coming to tow me
  And them sending a trailer instead of a regular tow truck
  And the tow guy throwing out his back
 And me having to help load the car myself.
 she: what?!?!
  that is nuts
 me: I have also been informed I'll get a discount if I pay cash, so they "can avoid uncle sam"*
 she: awesome
  where are you now?
me: Keeseville? Is that a place?**
  I'm in the tow truck
  Listening to loud rap
  While the tow guy smokes
 The transmission place is in plattsburgh
 she: keenesville maybe?
 sorry you're having such wonky transportation issues
 me: I called the transmission place initially to say I was calling aaa
  They said not to
  Turns out, that was to avoid me getting charged
Which I wouldn't have anyway
  Because I have aaa plus
  But they didn't ask
  They just sent a truck
 Car is definitely broken
Unclear what exactly the issue is
  But we assume transmission
 she: that sucks. can [favorite Adirondackian] come get you? are you going to have to spend thanksgiving in a garage in plattsburg?
 me: We is me and the two tow guys
  [favorite Adirondackian] is getting me
  Car may be done tomorrow
  Which would be good
  If not, then friday
  Also, the flashing yellow light fell off the roof, so now it is in my lap
 she: ha!
  seems like a real professional situation you have going on there
 me: Also, the trailer's license plate fell off
 she: sorry that you are having such a ridonkulous time
 me: It would be worse if it wasn't so hilarious
This is something that would happen on sister wives
 she: ha! except then you'd be with your sister wives?
 and also maybe wearing a long jean skirt
 me: No, the sister wives wear regular clothes
  Which is almost weirder
 But yes, i'd have them
  And also fortyleven kids
 she: but then maybe you'd have four other broken down cars to be towing around?
 me: That's what always happens when they go on a trip
  Or move to las vegas
  All the cars break
 often hilariously
she: i am glad you are not a sister wife
  for a variety of reasons  Yeah, it's about like that.

Oh, no, wait, there's more.
  • Regarding the tow truck driver: He went to the hospital after dropping me off, and has, so he told me, a pinched nerve and a fractured chest.
  • Regarding the weather: Oh, yeah, big snow storm.
  • Regarding my car: It's going to cost an arm and a leg (more than the Blue Book value of the Olds, way less than a new car), and it's not getting done until Monday or Tuesday.
  • Regarding me getting home for Thanksgiving: Taking a bus would take 24 hours, due to transfers. AAA would tow my car and me back, but since I only have AAA Plus, and not AAA Premium (or rather, did only have AAA Plus — you can bet I've invested in the Premium now), it would cost $3.50 per mile after the first 100 miles. I have talked to every car rental place anywhere, and have finally acquired a Dodge Stratus I can use for the week —from Lake Placid, which is an hour away from Plattsburgh, where my car is. Just for the record, just because the Enterprise website takes your reservation, doesn't actually necessarily mean the Enterprise location you've reserved at has any vehicles on the lot.
It's about like that.

Day 23 of my month of gratitude: I am so thankful to be fortunate enough to have family who are able to be both emotionally and financially supportive in an emergency.
I am also glad, for a variety of reasons, that I am not a sister wife.

* And another one if I donate a toy for their "Toys for Tots" box.
** It is a place, but it is spelled "Keesville."

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Anonymous said...

This seems like an even better version of your story about moving from DC. (Better because someone went to the hospital). -Kay