Friday, June 29, 2012

Not tonight, dear

Things that are less fun with a migraine than they might otherwise be, in chronological order of me discovering it today:

  • reading
  • editing
  • making other people happy
  • remembering my coworker's name*
  • interacting with the friendly guy at the convenience store
  • beautiful sunny days
  • active puppies
  • waking up from a dream about not having a migraine
  • being awake
  • watching Community
Oh, in case you were wondering if anything wasn't less fun, I think this wasn't, though you can bet I'll try watching it again when I don't have a headache, just in case it's even better than I think.

*OK, to be fair, this wasn't so much "less fun" as it was "more difficult." This is a close coworker, both geographically and friend-wise, and I've known her for more than a year.

1 comment:

Joe said...

Heh heh. "Cut the crap, Map!"
I liked it.