Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hell yes, I'm liveblogging the debate. What could go wrong?

Remember when I live-ish blogged the vice president's visit to campus?

We're trying that again with the debate.

9:04 blah blah blah rules. Here's my setup: I'm at home, watching the debate on Huffington Post Live through the Roku. I've been home sick-ish from work, trying to nip a cold in the bud, and am now eating a giant salad with my friend and special guest star, who has shockingly not yet earned a nickname on CMC yet, but we'll try to fix that tonight.

9:08 Do you think part of Romney's problem is that he's in the Uncanny Valley?

9:09 Oh, if any of you thought you were going to get any information out of this liveblog, you're in the wrong place. All I have is snarky remarks, with high hopes for occasional real admiration.

9:12 This salad is amazing.

9:13 I think we're going to play the drinking game. That's a lot to juggle. Hang on while I make a drink. I'm leaving the computer with my special guest star, in case he has anything to say about anything.

9:15 Special guest star is having trouble understanding Romney because of glitches in the sound and therefore has very little to say. Also Obama now that he's back on. Oh well.

9:17 Bzzzzgrrrl back again, with a delicious whiskey lemonade. SO MANY sound glitches, and the audio and video do not currently match. BOOOOOOOOO Huffington Post Live through the Roku.

9:18 Special guest star says, and I agree, "Taxes affect me and how hard I have to work and all that, but I mostly just care how people are treated." He then elaborated for a bit on which people he means (hint: ALL THE PEOPLE).

[9:21 taking a break from liveblogging to focus on the drinking game.]

[9:22 except that now we have no sound at all, for huge chunks of time.]

9:25 Sound's back, but this version of the game has people drink if anyone says "taxes." I would be wasted already, just in the several minutes I've been playing, if I could actually keep up with how often they say that. I'm just going to drink my drink at a regular pace instead. Oh, here's some information: whiskey lemonade is the ideal alcoholic beverage when you are sickish. You should not be "chugging" alcohol when you're sick, though, I don't think. And I'm not.

9:30 Special guest star, who is, not coincidentally, a Quaker, said if Romney didn't mention the military in his list of PBS and health care and other things he'll cut, he (special Quaker guest star) would punch him (Romney) in the face. And now I can never reveal who the special guest star is, for fear of Secret Service involvement. But I am now obviously on some list. Thanks a lot, Quaker.

9:38 Commenter Joe just said something funnier than anything I would ever have thought to say. I am not repeating it up here, but you should go read it, especially if you, say, used to work with Commenter Joe and me. Or for any of a number of other fine DC-area publications. SO GLAD you're reading, buddy.

9:42 I can't tell if Jim Lehrer hates them both, or just Romney. But there is some real loathing going on there.

9:46 Special guest star sez: He seems so angry. It's the way his lips are.

9:47 Me to special guest star: Is it gross to you that I'm just eating my salad with my fingers now?
Special guest star: Not in the least.
That, my friends, is what friendship looks like.

9:53 I totally have room in my garage to open a bank. I should do that. My uncle's been pushing for a wood shop.

9:59 "Expensive things hurt families." Special guest star thinks he means when a guy hits his wife with a Tiffany lamp. I just assumed he meant fancy heterosexual weddings.

10:05 When special guest star watches the debate through his glass, it looks like a TV on TV, like when people on TV are watching a TV show.

10:15 Here's my proposed drinking game for the next debate: Drink when Romney smirks inappropriately. I feel like it's simpler than other forms out there, and also would result in a similar amount of drinking. Dude really is a champion smirker.

10:19 We are patently not a nation that believes we're all children of the same God. Some of us believe that, and part of what gives that belief any weight is that we don't have to believe it as a nation. Others of us do not believe that, and what we do believe as a nation is that people can believe what they believe.

10:20 Did he just offer school choice to lower-income children but not poor children?

10:24 "You're entitled to your own house, and your own plane, but not not your own facts." That must be one of those zingers we've heard Romney's been practicing since August.

10:28 That inspiration I was looking for? Got it.

10:30 I have to say, mockery aside, this was a better debate than I was anticipating. More civil. 'Course, Joe's gone to bed now, so what more can there really be to say?

10:33 Just this: "I will not cut the military." Wow.

10:36 And this: Huffington Post Live, a bunch of analysts and journalists sitting at their computers in their offices is not "the definition of an afterparty." You need to get out more.


Joe said...

Haha. I am loving this. I may just turn off the debate and follow your blog. Romney reminds me too much of Mills!!

Joe said...

I love how Mills makes government more "acceptable" if a program is run by a state rather than the Fed. WTF is the difference, douche. I can't wait until they start talking about health care. Tapdance around THAT one, Mittens. I need another drink.

Joe said...

Is he checking his BlackBerry every time Obama speaks? He keeps looking down. I'm having flashbacks to the Thursday budget meetings at WBJ. Argh.

Joe said...

Almost time for bed, CMC. It's been fun, but I have had enough of the Mills/Romney doppelganger. Take care.

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Night night Joe. Thanks so so much for being here.

Lisa Clarke said...

I wish I had seen this last night. I swore I wasn't going to watch the debate - thought it would make me mad - but I watched most of it anyway.

And what your special guest star said?

"Taxes affect me and how hard I have to work and all that, but I mostly just care how people are treated."

YES. That.

Lisa Clarke said...

PS. You may remember that I was not in the least bit political in college, but things have changed in my brain over the last decade. Right now, the idea of a Romney presidency gives me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. My van is all decked-out in it's Obama 2012 magnet. Hope it does some good :-)

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Hey, Lisa!

You may remember I was VERY political in college, but my college self could never have predicted how politics would change in twenty years. When I think of how vehemently I objected to George H.W. Bush — my then-boyfriend was considering voting for him, and I told him I considered a vote for Bush to be an act of violence against women. I didn't know what voting as an act of violence against women WAS. Holy cow.

Plus, there are things that have changed in all our lives that make us more (or differently) political, right? Your kids are the age we were in the Reagan era.