Friday, October 5, 2012

Smells Like Teen Something

Allow me to present a real conversation that just happened to me.

Me: My computer won't turn on. It's possible that it just won't charge.
Service technician younger than my car: OK, I think I talked to you on the phone. You've had it less than a year?
Me: Yes.
STYTMC: [Types a bunch into his computer] OK.
Me: It was working fine Wednesday night until about 10:30, and then, Thursday morning, it wasn't working at all.
Me: [Hesitates]
STYTMC: [Waits]
Me: Um, here's what I'm afraid might have happened. I was out of the room, and a friend spilled a drink near the computer, and we didn't think he spilled any on the computer, but I'm worried maybe he did and we didn't take care of it right away because we didn't think we needed to.
STYTMC: [Types a bunch into his computer. Looks at me. Smells my laptop.] What do you think might have been spilled on it?
Me: Um, whiskey and lemonade.
STYTMC: [Sighs almost imperceptibly {but not imperceptibly enough, buddy}, types more.] OK. I'll figure it out.

Now, I get that this story makes me look bad, but also:

  • What was he typing after I said "whiskey and lemonade"? Is there a service code for whiskey and lemonade?
  • When he says, "I'll figure it out," does he mean, "I'll figure out what's wrong with your computer and fix it."? Or does he mean, "I'll figure out whether it was whiskey and lemonade or something else by licking your computer."? Because it kind of seemed like the latter. 
  • I think I might be OK with the latter, as long as it's also the former.
In related news, a long weekend starts tomorrow and I will not have a computer until Monday at the earliest. We'll see how I do with that.

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Jennifer O'B said...

they totally have a special code for 'mixed drinks, extra sticky'. At least you didn't do a round of 'did you plug it in?' at the beginning of the conversation.
Good luck with your weekend. You know, you can go to a friend's house if you get really desperate.
Also, typing without a spell-check is very stressful.