Monday, October 22, 2012

New debate, old computer

9:06 Here we go!

9:10 OMG everyone I am so late and they are already talking about Libya. But there are new rules for tonight: No drinks near the computer. It's an oldoldold computer, but it's the one I've got, and it'll have to do for a bit. Of course, the fact that I am so late means I have had no opportunity to make lemonade for whiskey lemonade and therefore have no drink at all. What goes in (soft) cider? More whiskey?

9:14 Hm. Technical difficulties abound.The old computer has a harder time with the faster blogging, and Huff Post Live on the Roku has frozen while it rebuffers. If I'm missing anything important, please let me know. Meanwhile, I'm making a drink.

9:18 Still no debate for me. I'm going to miss those famous zingers! Seriously, is anyone saying anything important? I should probably figure out if my radio works. Maybe if it does, Nixon will win.

9:22 Radio does not, in fact, work, but Huff Post Live is back. The president thinks we want to be careful of who we give weapons to. That's novel.

9:24 Oh, and yes. Whiskey goes just fine in (soft) cider. Mmmmmm. You should all go get some. Oh, hey, Mitt's saying something. 

9:25 The president just totally interrupted Mitt. Now, that's fine by me, but it seems like it'd be against the rules of debating. Someone said on the radio today that what defines a good debate moderator is physical proximity to the candidates. They jokingly suggested handcuffs.

9:31 I have both audio and video, but they are in no way synced and the audio's cutting in and out. This should do wonders for facilitating my already completely shaky understanding of foreign policy. Oh, wait, Mitt says we want a peaceful world. That sounds good. Too bad the sound then immediately cut out completely, rendering me unable to hear what he's going to do about that. Those of you who can hear him, does it involve ensuring everyone has access to, say, food, housing, and medical care?

9:37 Ooooh, President O. Hit him in the small business! Go gogogogogogo!

9:40 Mitt Romney, I went to school in Massachusetts. The kids do well because Massachusetts is FULL of academic parents. Also, in the particular school I went to, which was very highly regarded, cheating was RAMPANT and funding was HUGE. How is that related to you exactly? Whihc part are you responsible for?

9:44 I was at the Salt Lake City Olympics, and they were amazing. I loved Mitt Romney then. I wish he'd sort of faded away after that.

9:55 Is Mitt anti-diplomacy?

9:58 I don't know how you'd even begin to isolate Romney's "biggest whopper," but OK.

10:03 During the first debate, I thought Obama sounded smart and Romney sounded like a liar. Other people thought Obama sounded boring and Romney sounded dynamic. I think the same thing again. Do other people think Obama's boring tonight? Do they think it matters? I mean, I'd take a boring smart president over a dynamic liar, if those were my choices.

10:07 Mitt appears to be sweating a lot. I did not know he could do that. Possibly but not definitely unrelated: I have finished my drink.

10:26 I'm sorry, I'm still here, I just haven't had anything to say in 20 minutes. Don't some of you have something to say?

10:29 "People will look it up," say the candidates. Um...

10:32 Oh, good, Bob Schieffer showed up and he loves teachers. Whatever. P.S. Mitt Romney has the creepiest laugh ever.

10:34 I like the president and I love my country and if I never hear the good ol' U.S. of A. referred to as the "greatest nation in the world," it'll be too soon.

10:35 How the heck does any Republican in 2012 get to be the peace candidate?

10:37 The Huff Post Live crew thought it was a terrible debate. OK. I'll buy that.


Jennifer O'B said...

No drinks near the computer! so computer one one end of the table, drink at the other end, and you can only use one at a time.

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Correct, more or less. Also, seriously, everyone should have cider and whiskey.

April said...

Reliable audio would in no way help you better understand what Mitt will do to create a peaceful world. Except we should be strong and lead.

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Ooooooh. Got it.

Joe said...

CMC, I apologize for bailing on you last night. Previous night was rough, got very little sleep, and therefore passed out on the couch last night around 9:13 p.m.
Missed everything. I strongly urge you to live blog on election night. It'll be fun.