Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Me and my World-Famous Style

I don't often just share things here that are posted by other people — I tend to use the Facebook page for that (hey, have you "liked" the Facebook page yet? Think how much extra fun stuff you might be missing!).

But then sometimes famous fashion bloggers who are also coincidentally my friends and former coworkers blog tell me what to wear on the internet! (Tell me on the internet, not what to wear on the internet. You got that, right?)

So, read her post.

So... how do you feel about that outfit? Think you have a better suggestion?


Lisa Clarke said...

Oh, I like.

My only suggestion would be maybe to add a bit more color in the accessories, but perhaps the pink scarf will take care of that.

bzh said...

I'm with Lisa. I like. And I think a touch more color might be nice. A hair accessory, perhaps, to match the scarf?

Anonymous said...

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