Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I committed to writing at least one new post for every draft post I revive, and waiting no more than three days between them.

So today is an enforced-new-post day, but I am uninspired. I have used a lot of words for un-blog-related purposes lately, and the well is maybe a little dry.

Was uninspired, I should say. The well was maybe a little dry.

Because I sent this query out to four regular readers:
hey, i'm committed to writing a new blog post today (three days after the last old one)
but writer's block
anything in particular you want to hear about?
And got these suggestions back:

  • Friends. 
  • New friends. 
  • How you stay in touch with people who don't live in your area code. 
  • or Kristin Wiig 
  • the return of acid washed everything 
  • How amazing I am? 
  • How much you want the universe to provide you with a satisfying means of income?
  • how about something summer camp-y? 
  • An important experience as a camp counselor or with someone who was a camp counselor to you?
  • yer mom
And I could literally write a blog post on each of those, and so I will. Thanks, friends, for the food for thought.

Wait, you didn't think I was going to write one of them now, did you? Hahahahahahaha why would I do that when I just wrote an excellent post on writer's block and making your friends solve it for you?


Emily Kirschner said...

That's why I love you, man. For your mind.

Joe said...
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Joe said...

OK, had to delete my first draft. It wuz repleet with tiepos.
You know, CMC, if we were PAYING subscribers, your guilt for not writing would clearly be justified.
But come on now. We appreciate whatever we can get here. Keep up the good work (sporadically, regularly, etc.).