Friday, July 26, 2013

Open Sesame

Somehow*, this afternoon, I stumbled down a vintage Sesame Street wormhole. I recommend it.

Go to YouTube and just enter "vintage Sesame Street" as a search term. (I assume "classic Sesame Street" yields similar results.) If you are close to my age and had a TV as a kid, it will likely bring back some amazing and in some cases very weird memories. Those early seasons were just incredibleawesomestrange.

If you are much older or younger than I am, I suspect it will be a little hard to believe that some of this stuff was once standard children's programming.

For now, I share this one thing that just about made me cry:

...and invite you to share whatever weird/awesome/cool/funny/touching vintage Sesame moments you have to share today. With video links, obviously.

*OK, fine, someone on Facebook shared "Doin' the Pigeon." Whatever.


Emily Kirschner said...

LOVE Bert and Ernie!

mike said...