Thursday, July 18, 2013

Introducing RI

I said last week I'd introduce you to the Romantic Interest.

Obviously, the best vehicle for this is an online chat from this afternoon.

bzzzzgrrrl: So... I have promised the masses I'll introduce you to them at some point
romantic interest: Right
bzzzzgrrrl: JUST SO YOU KNOW, I have never done that before.
Like, they probably made some assumptions about the artist formerly known as Bread Truck Grrl
but I haven't ever said, like, I'm dating someone and here they are.
RI: Huh
bzzzzgrrrl: Anyway, now that you're all freaked out ...
RI: I'm not.
I'm flattered.
bzzzzgrrrl: … what, if anything, would you think would be relevant for them to know about you?
Or if not relevant, at least funny.
RI: Um... Oh gosh. I just don't know.
bzzzzgrrrl: Can I tell them you're young, and it mostly doesn't matter, except you don't know about Moonlighting or “We Built this City”?
RI: Yeah. That's fine.
bzzzzgrrrl: Can I tell them you're a wicked good bowler?
RI: Of course.
bzzzzgrrrl: Can I tell them you bowled a 214 one time?
(Is that your high score?)
RI: My high score is 249.
bzzzzgrrrl: :)
RI: That was the game with the 6-pack + 2 that you missed
bzzzzgrrrl: Can I tell them you're cute and nice and smart and funny and fun to be around? Can I tell them avocados with black pepper are delicious, and that that's not a euphemism, just one of the many delightful things I learned by being around you?
RI: You can puff me up as much as you'd like to.
bzzzzgrrrl: Heh.
Anything they should know from your perspective about what dating me is like? Or are you worried they'll all wanna do it?
RI: I didn't even think of that. Yes, let's avoid that.
bzzzzgrrrl: Hmph.
RI: But seriously. I love dating you because you're [REDACTED]. In more ways that one. ;)
bzzzzgrrrl: I am not telling the internet I'm [REDACTED].
RI: Fine.
But you are also patient, kind, supportive, hilarious, beautiful, brilliant, fun, sexy, caring, open, trusting, communicative, giving and stuff.
As well as [REDACTED].
bzzzzgrrrl: Aw, shucks. Thanks.
You're so great.
RI: I love just how much fun and laughter there is with you.
bzzzzgrrrl: Right. Back. Atcha.

... And that's what you get. Which is maybe more than you deserve.


Anonymous said...

I was hoping for a photo.

Anonymous said...

But also, congratulations! RI sounds lovely.

bzzzzgrrrl said...

I don't think there's ever been a photo of *me* on here that didn't entirely obscure my face. If you know me IRL, Anonymous, shoot me an e-mail or Facebook message and I'll gladly steer you to a photo of RI.

If you do not know me IRL, is "cute" an insufficient description? How about, "...and pretty tall"?

Joe said...

Glad to hear all is well, CMC. And for God's sake, get her caught up on Moonlighting when you get a chance.

Cynth said...

She sounds like a keeper! Definitely need a Moonlighting binge-watching session. And does she know about The Cure? Jane's Addiction? Those Ellen Emerson White books about the girl whose mother was president?

bzzzzgrrrl said...

A keeper indeed.
The Cure was the first music RI put on in the car tonight, without even knowing of your comment. Jane's Addiction is in the mix, too.
And neither of us knows about those books.

Amanda said...