Monday, July 8, 2013

What's up

Last night, a loyal reader and close friend said, "City Mouse has been quiet. Bzzzzgrrrl must have a [romantic interest] or something."

Which... maybe. OK, yes. You'll get an introduction soon.

But also, things have been generally busy around here. Everyone has moved, and I have helped several of them. Some of my favorite people, including both niece and nephew, have had birthdays. Another loyal reader and close friend celebrated her 20th anniversary with her husband; they've both been good friends of mine for even longer than they've been married to each other, and I took their kids overnight so they could have a little (precious little) alone time.

And I don't know if you know this, but I am the best babysitter. Not a great parent, because I am not smart enough to pace myself. But give me 24 hours and a couple of kids, and we will do All The Things.

In this particular 24 hours, we:

  • watched a movie (with popcorn!) 
  • went to a softball game (with a playground! and a puppy! and had ice cream!) 
  • had everyone's favorite bagels for breakfast, cut the way they like them
  • went to the supermarket
  • went to my parents' house (where there was another little dog! and a porch! and a little door under the stairs like in Harry Potter!)
  • went to the town reading of the Declaration of Independence (plus Yankee Doodle!) 
  • toured a real old one-room schoolhouse with a real old-timey fire engine outside
  • went to an ice cream social (before lunch!)
  • had lunch with everyone's favorite kind of everything 
  • went swimming in the lake for a loooooooong time, including a fun new game where Kid 1 and I just threw Kid 2 back and forth between us 
  • went back to my house to meet their folks 
  • went to dinner at Applebee's 
  • Plus sleeping. And reading.
I do not pretend that that day represents the pace of my day-to-day life over the past month or so, but it hasn't been so far off.

And those of you who follow CMC on Facebook (ahem) already know that I have another little blog-related project in the works, too; seems like about time to kick that one off!


Joe said...

Wow, I never knew about the babysitting. I'm blown away by that schedule too.
I'm sending the kids north.

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Please do! Though, I'd love to see their parents...

Lisa Clarke said...

I think you did more with those kids than I do with mine the entire summer... ;-)

Congrats on the new romantic interest. I look forward to the promised introduction!

bzzzzgrrrl said...

You can't fool me, Lisa Clarke. I read your blog. I *know* how much you do!

Calvin Rey said...

I like to imagine my voice saying the quote at the beginning of this post with "romantic interest" dubbed over what I actually said in a voice that sounds nothing like mine. While my mouth forms totally different words. And I'm kicking someone.

bzzzzgrrrl said...

I like to imagine that as well, Calvin Rey.

Cousin Mouse said...

Thanks for the link to lip-synching Calvin's 17aDay. Great haikus. I will be quoting "Haiku for Inaccurate Depictions of Medieval Europe"

As for the NRI, I'm sure we'll all be bowled over.