Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So about Kristen Wiig

Seriously, you all, I was just talking about her the day before it was suggested I blog about her. And not about her in any of her recent movies, or Saturday Night Live. I will never ever forget the first time I ever saw Kristen Wiig, and it was in a little miracle I like to call The Joe Schmo Show.

The Joe Schmo Show, for the uninitiated, is a mostly-fake reality show. There's one real contestant, who isn't in on the joke, and everyone else is an actor, playing basically caricatures of reality show contestants. Kristen Wiig was Dr. Pat, a quack therapist, complete with puppets she used to have difficult conversations and an enormous amount of dysfunction herself.

The show's not without problems, obviously; it was made for Spike TV and is therefore pretty much grotesquely sexist, among other things.

But watch it if you can, because it is hilarious. And Wiig? A serious highlight of that first season. Other highlights: Ralph Garman, David Hornsby, and the eviction ceremonies for the fake show "Lap of Luxury," which was sort of Survivor in a fancy house. The contestants had fancy commemorative plates with their faces on them. When contestants were voted out, they'd bring their plate to the smarmy host, who'd smash it in the fancy fireplace, saying, "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, [contestant's name], you are dead to us."

It was glorious, and sometimes when people mistreat me or my friends, I repeat that phrase in my head and imagine smashing a commemorative plate of their face. You know who you are, jerko.

And though I've seen several of those actors other places since, I am not one bit surprised that it's Kristen Wiig whose star has really risen.

Side note: I have not yet seen all of the third season, but it features Lorenzo Lamas and is why I now also like Lorenzo Lamas.

Other note: Kristen Wiig is not on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social networking website. Do you think that means she won't see this? Do you think Lorenzo Lamas will?

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