Monday, January 14, 2008

Carillon, my wayward son

In my horror at the big lettuce disaster this afternoon, I entirely forgot what I was going to blog about, which was the (electronic, I assume) carillon here on campus.
There are chimes, often, which is nice, and also tune-outable. At noon, the carillon plays a little tune. I am more accustomed to hearing something churchy coming out of a bell tower, and so was caught a little off-guard by Beatles songs ("Michelle," actually, which I assume is someone's idea of a joke, and I think it's funny), but I've gotten used to it.
Today, as I was walking back to my office with what would turn out to be a lettuce calzone, I wasn't especially paying attention to the carillon, until I found myself singing, only inside my head, "Dolly'll never go away, Dolly'll never go away, Dolly'll never go away again!"
"Hello Dolly?" Really?


bzzzzgrrrl said...

You'll be glad to know that today's musical selection was Beatles again: "From Me to You" and "Here Comes the Sun."

Cousin Bill said...

Maybe the carillion operator is a spy, sending secret messages by choice of tune. This could be the opening scene of a Hichcockian thriller. Have you noticed any tense background music or blonde heroines lately?

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Hm, blonde heroine, yes. Tense music, not aside from the carillon itself. But I like your theory. There have been kind of a lot of stairways around. I'll keep my eyes open for MacGuffins.