Friday, June 27, 2008

Just checking in

A friend and apparently former reader told me the other day that he tuned out sometime during the "interminable moving story."

To which I say: Try living it, pal.

And also: I'll try to wrap it up.

But seriously, folks, thanks to those of you who are still reading through my recent spate of very sporadic posting, including long, drawn-out stuff. I should be back on track soon.

The update from the country is that it's very hot and humid, there is a strawberry festival in a nearby town tomorrow, I may do some canning on Sunday, and also, all of a sudden, the candidates are back. In June! Unheard of!

When do you think we will be done with this town-name-as-symbolism thing? Doesn't this Unityfest feel very Hope, Arkansas?

A webinar I went to said we should have a picture with every blog post. I am not sure that's true, but in case it is, here is a picture. This particular one is of a Babylonian tablet listing pythagorean triples. Expect more of these, and you can thank Karl Bates of Duke Research. Or you can just tell me if you like pictures in the comments. Of if you'd prefer actually relevant pictures, which would be more work for me. There, something to talk about.


icanhasyarn said...

I've been enjoying (in a "WTF train wreck" sort of way) the moving story, and have been eagerly awaiting the next part, although it's somewhat like reading historical fiction or something where I know the outcome, since obviously you did eventually get moved and stuff. :-)

As to pictures on posts...I enjoy them when they're relevant, but it's way too much of a pain in the butt to do, so I only post pictures when I finish a new project or something. I don't generally have a preference for posts with our without pictures as long as they're interesting.

Oh yeah, I did finally see your chat invite, so I've been getting your Google Reader shared items. :-)

Lisa Clarke said...

Your posts are generally short enough that they hold my attention without pictures. I tend to feel the need for images when there's a lot to read.

Also, I would vote for relevant images, under normal circumstances, but just by pointing out its irrelevancy, you seem to have made this particular image relevant.

I say post whatever you want - your current style works for me (and, I'm assuming, you!)

PMJG said...

What? EVERY post needs a picture? Clearly those who can, do, and those who can't, teach webinars.

Did that same webinar say that shorter posts work better? Because a picture is worth a thousand words, so posts including pictures would need to be EXTRA short.

Anonymous said...