Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer, for real

More moving story this weekend, it seems like.
This week, I am looking after my parents' elderly dog.
I live in terror that this dog will pee in the house, which means I don't sleep much, because every time she turns over in the night, I jump up to let her out, regardless of what time it is or whether she wants to go out.
I don't know what I'm so worried about; she pees in the house anyway, usually between 5:30 and 7 a.m., and always on the easy-to-clean kitchen floor.


During some of my late-night adventures sitting on the deck while the dog stumbles, bewildered, around the yard, I have become aware that real summer is here. Saw my first fireflies the other night, and my first shooting star. (Yes, I made a wish. No, it hasn't come true yet.)
And those little "welcome to summer" moments have started coming faster and faster: Sunday, I turned on the air conditioner. I bought a zucchini this afternoon. And earlier tonight we had a perfect trio of firsts-of-the-season: first bats while I ate my first hobo stew from the new grill and watched the kids next door run around their yard in their pajamas with sparklers.


Polka Dot Creations said...

Definitely summer! You know, I think I like this season now that I have my own kids, even more than I did when I was a kid myself. I didn't expect that!

Cousin Mouse said...

Here's where NH shows to best advantage over DC. It's summer here in DC, alright -- summer on the planet Venus. If you step outside your Earth-acclimatized shelter, be it your house or your car, you choke and die from the searing heat and smothering humidity.

This is the time of year every person equipped with a half-cup of brains and functional sweat glands, asks him/her/it-self, "WHY do I live here???"

You, Country Mouse, have more than a half cup of brains. I, your Cousin Mouse, am more than ready for vacation in NH.

PMJG said...

What about the motorcycles?

It's further south than where you are, but when my wife and I were in Fall River (MA), we were told that you could tell it was summertime because of all the motorcycles zooming around outside.

I'm glad we don't live in Fall River.

Kay Bailey said...

Oh, wow. I want sparklers and PJs. That's really wonderful!