Tuesday, June 17, 2008

About RSS

It appears that practically everyone I know (including me in the not-too-distant-past), is afraid they might be the last person on earth to understand RSS.
In my case, it did not help that I knew that the RS in RSS stands for "Really Simple."
Now, there are a few readers who do get it already. This post is not for you. You may go back to feeling smug. I am very impressed by you.
Everyone else, you are not alone. I have had this conversation with many people lately. And also, I was asked to blog about it for work, back in the slightly-less-distant-past, when I knew what RSS was but could not possibly have explained it well.
Luckily, I found this video. Watch it if you want to be the person who gets RSS and does not feel left out any more, or if you are genuinely interested in finding an easier way to read blogs and news sites you find yourself checking all the time. It's brought to us by the good folks at Common Craft, and I am very grateful to them for it. Oh, and it's entertaining, too.

One more note: I use Google Reader. If you decide to use it, too, and are my friend in real life, let me know and we can be friends there, too.


Kay Bailey said...

That is really cool. Thanks for making me listen to it.

Origami Slayer said...

I'm a user of Google Reader (and I'm even reading your blog in it). Wanna be my friend?

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Invitation's in the mail, Ray.

icanhasyarn said...

I use Google Reader too. Feel free to add me (my username there is "stitchinthyme").

icanhasyarn said...

(If it wasn't obvious, that's stitchinthyme at gmail dot com.)

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Real-life friends:
The only way to get someone as your friend in Google Reader is for one of you to invite the other to gchat, and for the other to accept. Feel free to invite me, and I will accept. Or tell me you'd like me to invite you, if you don't have my gmail address. I'll do it. You just need to accept.

bzh said...

OK... so I finally found some time to read this.
And once again, you are my hero.
God bless ya, man.

icanhasyarn said...

Finally got it. :-)