Monday, November 3, 2008

Famous people (sponsored by the College Democrats)

I've had so many great weekends lately (including this one). I'll tell you all about them, soon.

But just quickly: Kal Penn and Rachael Leigh Cook will be on campus today, sponsored by the College Democrats. The signs do not say why. I assume they're stumping for Obama.

Guess my buddy Kal is trying to make up for appearing on a show that normalizes torture and suggests that brown people are terrorists.

It's OK, Kal. We love you anyway.

And I just looked at RLC's 58 acting credits and think it is possible that I have seen none of them. That is how you know how old I am.


PMJG said...

NONE of RLC's credits? That's actually kind of impressive.

Or do you mean watching something completely from start to finish? Because I don't think I've actually watched any of her work, I've just seen it as I'm channel surfing.

bzzzzgrrrl said...

The fact that I cannot channel surf may contribute to this.

I have seen many episodes of Psych, but cannot recall if I have seen the one she guested on.

Cousin Mouse said...

wow, not only have I not seen any of them, I don't WANT to see any of them. RLC's film and tv shows, I mean.

If you run into her, would you get her autograph for me? Tell her to make it out to "My biggest fan!"

Why don't they make any good tv shows anymore? Shows like "F Troop!" Now there was a show where you could stick somebody with a sharp object (usually an arrow in the rear) and make racially objectionable remarks - but it was FUNNY.