Monday, November 24, 2008

The good, the mad, and the ugly

So, this weekend, I went to New York, New York, the city so nice they named it twice. Manhattan is the other name.

There were several adventures before, during, and after the trip, but I will share with you the briefest one with the least cursing and threatening in it, for now, anyway.

A friend and I were there to see the friend's brother's band. These guys are really, really good, actually, and this was their EP release party. If you have opportunities to catch Black Taxi live, take them.

While there, we met up with some other folks we know and some folks they know.

And after the awesome awesome show, before we moved on to the next bar, I remembered that my friend's brother had bought my ticket, and that I had not yet paid him for it.

The resulting conversation went like this:
bzzzzgrrrl: Oh, hey, I owe you money.
Friend's brother, still high from the show and the Jim Beam in his flask: No. No, no. I am just so glad you guys came.
bzzzzgrrrl: You don't have to buy my ticket. Let me give you money.
Friend's brother: No.
bzzzzgrrrl: Well, will you at least let a pretty girl buy you a drink then?
Friend's brother: Absolutely.
Crazy woman I know: I think she left.
Awesome. Thank you, crazy.


Anonymous said...

Crazy crazy... Also drunk and fairly clueless, as I recall.

bzh said...

And blind, methinks.

k122122n said...

hey there - black taxi manager here. thanks for coming out! we had a blast and are psyched you were able to join in the fun :) hopefully we will be heading your way soon...
BLACK TAXI manager

Anonymous said...

about that drink...

Friends Brother

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Ahem. When you tell us what bar to meet you at, and then don't get there before they close at 4, I don't buy you a drink.

But I have not forgotten that I owe you one. :)

Cousin Mouse said...

Cursing and threatening?