Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tidbits! (Now, with more tid!)

So, the last post I wrote was last Friday, when I steered you to three things on the Internet to read. Tomorrow, I'll do the same thing (with a twist, special thanks and much credit to Whimsy).

And I cannot bear the thought that the only posts I have written lately are the posts specifically meant to help others combat blog-drought.

I have thought of two potentially excellent topics for essays this week, but they are both about plumbing the depths of my insecurity, and they are not at all funny, so they'll go somewhere that is not City Mouse Country.

So here are some of the boring and trivial things I have been thinking about this week. If you're also my Facebook friend, some of these things will sound familiar. But not all!
  • There has been a Society for American Florists for 125 years. I also learned this week that its charter was signed by Grover Cleveland, and that it has its own chapter of the United States Code, 36 USCS § 200101 et seq.
  • I think 17 minutes is just too long for a straight dance sequence in a movie, even if it's the most brilliant dance sequence in cinematic history, especially if it's not related to the plot and happens right before the end of the movie.
  • My niece? Is still, like, crazy-cute. That is perhaps to be expected, as she is a baby, and her parents are both adorable, and I am very biased.
  • Baby head smell, which captivates everyone, apparently, has no magic powers over me.
  • My blog robot name is B.Z.Z.Z.Z.G.R.R.R.L.: Biomechanical Zeta Zombie Zoned for Zealous Gratification, Rational Repair and Relentless Learning. Which, right? I'm not sure how I feel about the zombieness, but I am all for zealous gratification, rational repair and relentless learning
  • I found out that all this time I've been trying to remember who went to that one concert with me? It was Duana.
  • Weekly 25¢ ice cream is the greatest thing a place of employment can do for its employees. It builds community, and is also delicious.
  • Starting this weekend, I will have a roommate for the first time since summer 2000. It's only for about five weeks, but still, it'll be interesting. Expect posts about that.
So, here's your job: What do you wish I would post about? That's how I'm going to get past any potential droughts. You're going to be your delightful and bossy selves. What do you people want from me?


Cousin Mouse said...

I assume the dance sequence is the one in American In Paris? If so, I didn't have the same problem with the length, but enormous problems with the depiction of art and artists.

The protaganist (more clean-cut than any artist who ever lived) is in post-war Paris, at the height of the Modern abstract art movement but his paintings look like bad hotel art and his fantasies (dance sequences) revolve around Art Nouveau paintings of the previous century. This bizzareness is underscored by the dancing which is totally modern, but the people are dressed up like Toulouse Lautrec characters.

Maybe this was the inspiration for Moulon Rouge?

Or were you thinking of some other movie?

Whimsy said...

I'm really good at being bossy. When I was young my mom was always telling me, WHIMSY STOP BEING SO BOSSY. And then here you are, telling me BE BOSSY.

Hmmm. Not that you're going to take direction from me. Not that you **have** to take direction from me. But I'm going to demand (restate: REQUEST) a food rant. Specifically, food **rules**. Do you have any food rules? And what are they? (I've been thinking about this for myself, cuz I have some. And they're pretty weird.)

Also: please do give details about the roommate. Roommates are intensely blog-worthy.

Anonymous said...

Baby pixs...

bzzzzgrrrl said...

CM- Yup, American in Paris. My guess is that, since the movie was made in the post-war period, the filmmakers didn't recognize the height of the modern abstract art movement when they saw it. And (I learned from the commentary on the DVD, and did not figure out on my own at all) each segment is inspired by a different artist, so theoretically only the people in the Toulouse Lautrec segment are dressed like Toulouse Laurec characters. The others are (apparently) dressed like Dufy, Manet, Utrillo, Rousseau and Van Gogh characters. Whatever. It's beautiful and long, and doesn't contribute to the plot OR accurately reflect art history.

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Whimsy, I see no reason for you not to do what you're good at.
There is at least one food rant around here somewhere, and I will include it in my three-for, because you just reminded me of it, and it's pretty good. I may indeed have to come up with a longer one at some point.

And this roommate will indeed be blogworthy. And we're old friends, but he pretty much never reads the blog. What fun we'll have!

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Anon- Sorry, that's one I can't do. She's not my baby, and her parents have specifically requested that I not splash her pic all over teh internets. I suspect telling them I have an anonymous reader who wants to see them will not assuage the fears of these possibly overprotective parents.
I guess I could post pictures of some other baby.
Seriously, if you are someone who knows me well enough to have my e-mail address, ask me to see pics.

Amanda said...

I'd like you to write about how three times you've been offended beyond belief and three times you've offended someone and tell us which are more memorable.

Or you can just write about the worst assignments your whirlybird of editor gave you.

Or, some ideas on how to get paid to tell stories.

Here's another: Did you get my email?!!! and other annoying things the Internets make you ask your friends. I need some rules or etiquette guidelines. When I call my friends, sometimes I feel bad because, well, I haven't read their blogs or checked their FB status (Well that never happens) But maybe I've not yet read the insightful article or zinger of a blog or funy video they posted on Facebook or shared with me. So I feel like I've showed up to class without having read the last chapter of whatever book we're all discussing. And on the flips side, I feel like a dork repeating my Facebook posts to my friends, but sometimes that's just the best way to describe how my day has gone down. is this making any sense? If not, you can use this idea has the answer to my other one about the dumbest assignments you've ever received.

* one more idea. List all the cities/towns/burgs you've ever lived in and tell us what one thing do you miss most and one thing you'll never miss about that place.