Friday, July 17, 2009

Three things you should read on the Internet — by me

Remember how I promised you a twist this week? No? I did it yesterday. Are you worried about this memory loss?
Anyway, here's Whimsy's twist, for which I give her a great deal of credit and no blame whatsoever, because I am apparently a much bigger showoff than her other blog friends:
I want everyone to pick three of their OWN posts. Not a time for modesty, folks. I personally think that we're our hardest critics, but also, we know when we've actually done something pretty well. I want to get some recommendations from you, about you. Three of your favorite posts. Doesn't matter WHY they're you're favorites - but I'd like to hear your reasons too, if you'd like. Otherwise, how's THAT for an easy blog post: here are three things I wrote and I feel pretty good about them. The end.
So, here are three things I wrote and I feel pretty good about them:
  1. Great Interview, Batman. This is the one where I am a big cheat who wants three more wishes. I do love this one (thanks, PMJG), but I admit it's mostly on the list because it's a pretty good intro to CMC, and because it has links to lots of other posts.
  2. Ice tongue. I am not sure whether it is funnier if you know the players or don't. Either way, you know, it's what we do best around here: funny stories at my expense.
  3. Rick Rolling. This is not as funny as it sounds like it'd be from the title. It is very long, and very unfunny. But also, I think, worth reading.


Joe said...

Oh, this is an easy one, pally. All things New England rank near the top for me. Particularly these two posts:

Swistle said...

Ha ha! I love "Are you worried about this memory loss?"

Cousin Mouse said...

The moving and desk saga were awesome, too, cuz. The story about buying the deck furniture was fun. I enjoyed the irony of city/country mouse getting mice in her house.

Can I brag about favorite entries from my own blog?