Monday, June 4, 2012

Fashion (blog) week Part 2: The Yogini

Many thanks to my friend and colleague, known hereafter as the yogini (or TY) for participating in this experiment and writing today's post! This is the first blog post she's ever written. I think you will agree it doesn't show.

Fashion (blog) week Part 1

Monday: 5/28/12
  • What's the weather? Beautiful – 75 and sunny 
  • What's on your schedule? Taking a boat ride, sun bathing, a possible dip in the lake, and visiting with family 
  • What's your inspiration? The sun goddess 
  • What's the outfit plan? Bathing suit – nothing more, nothing less…well, it could be less, you never know with me. 
  • How'd it work out? Perfectly, except for the horrible sun burn on my back from not wearing a cover up. I need to get into official summer mode and be a bit more prepared. 
Tuesday: 5/29/12
  • What's the weather? Sunny – 80 with a chance of rain (as per the weather forecast the weekend before. Turns out we had a massive thunderstorm with a tornado warning!) 
  • What's on your schedule? Work at the office, then off to Spofford for a breath work session at the Power of Breath Institute 
  • What's your inspiration? My sister’s good taste in clothing. 
  • What's the outfit plan? Off white lace top with an emerald green skirt, brown belt and brown shoes. Plus an awesome locket necklace my sis let me borrow…and not surprisingly, I still have it. ☺ Then I changed into yoga clothes for the breath work session- my favorite type of clothing to be in. 
  • How'd it work out? Fantastic. I thought I was not going to be comfortable all day with a lace shirt on a sunburned back, but it was actually OK. Yoga clothes and sandals, however, did not prove to be a good choice in torrential rain. 
Wednesday: 5/30/12
  • What's the weather? Beautiful again – 75 and sunny 
  • What's on your schedule? Work at the office, then teaching yoga at the KSC gym, followed by a Kundalani yoga workshop. 
  • What's your inspiration? Be comfortable, it will be a long day! 
  • What's the outfit plan? A floral dress with an off white shrug and brown shoes, and later, yoga clothes . Did I mention I love wearing yoga clothes? 
  • How'd it work out? Great, the dress was very comfortable and I got lots of compliments on it which always brightens my day. I wore my favorite lotus flower tank top to yoga and I just love the way it fits my body. It allows for plenty of room to breathe and move, while discreetly covering the parts of my body that make me feel insecure. 
Thursday: 5/31/12
  • What's the weather? Sunny and 75 
  • What's on your schedule? Work at the office, and then over to my dear friends house for a girl’s night/clothing swap. 
  • What's your inspiration? To wear something that makes me happy. 
  • What's the outfit plan? I had planned to wear a black skirt with a black and white striped top, but when I got dressed I decided it was all wrong. I went against my pre-planning idea, and changed into a color block dress with a black shrug. 
  • How'd it work out? I love my color block dress (teal, royal blue and black) only the straps are a bit too big and I need to shorten them. They were always falling down and that became a bit annoying. My girlfriends loved the dress however, and thought it flattered my body very nicely. Thanks again to my sis for picking out this dress for me! She does have a great eye for what works. 
Friday: 6/1/12
  • What's the weather? A bit cooler – 65 to 70 
  • What's on your schedule? Work at the office during the day and reunion festivities at night. 
  • What's your inspiration? I want to be comfortable and look snazzy. 
  • What's the outfit plan? I had planned a cute skirt and top outfit, but my plans were interrupted this morning by a skunk attack as I was trying to leave my house! I did not get directly sprayed, but there was that gross skunk odor in my house, and I had to re-shower and change. Already late for work, I changed into a gauzy top (found at the clothing swap the night before!) with cream colored capris – comfortable, but definitely not snazzy. I did bring another change of clothes for the reunion kick-off later that evening. 
  • How'd it work out? It was not what I had planned, but the outfit served its purpose – I had clothes on. The skirt and top that I changed into were a bit too casual for the evening, but overall I did not smell like skunk so that was a plus. 
So, overall, what did you learn? Will you keep up with the system? What were the best and worst parts? The system has its advantages for sure. There is no doubt I saved loads of time in the morning, but it was hard to stick with my plan. Each morning I still had the desire to stand in front of my closet, aimlessly starting at all the colorful clothes on hangers, and waste away precious morning time. I think I will give the system another go, and see if I can make this a habit. If you are like me, you wake up, get ready, and get to work within 30 minutes – with a 20 minute commute mind you. If I can make this system work, I can save the aimlessly-starting-at-the-closet routine for Sunday morning. I would recommend everyone give it a go!

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