Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fashion (blog) Week Part 1: Introduction

Some of you may already read my friend Genny's blog, Genny's Journal, in which she blogs mostly about her family and fashion.

Some of you may not be shocked to know that I am not so much into the fashion blogs. (Although, on reflection, I do read several. I think Genny's is the only one I actually trust, fashion-wise.)

But I am very into Genny's blog, because she is smart and funny and looks good in her clothes. She has actually influenced my personal style.

In March, Genny blogged about how she looks so good so much of the time. She has a system for getting dressed.

I also have a system, as I said in the comments of Genny's post:
  • wake up, 
  • check the weather, 
  • stare at my closet, 
  • rummage through my drawers, 
  • pull together an outfit, 
  • try it on, 
  • feel fat or too casual or just off somehow, 
  • change one component of the outfit, dumping what I take off on the bed, 
  • wish I'd done laundry the night before and contemplate whether I have time to do laundry before work or whatever I'm leaving the house to do, 
  • change one component of the outfit (sometimes the same component, sometimes a different one), dumping what I take off on the bed, 
  • repeat until I feel cute (yea!) or am late enough that I convince myself it's just an outfit and it doesn't have to be perfect (boo!), 
  • leave the house, 
  • return to a messy room that then needs to be picked up (eventually). 

In light of a joint recognition that Genny's system is probably better than our own, two friends and I decided to give Genny's system a try last week. It is not an accident that one of the days in that week was Memorial Day, so we only had to deal with four days of work. We also only even tried to do five days — gotta ease into these things.

This week, I have guest posts by my friends and one by me, detailing how our week went. There will not be pictures, because I am not a fashion blogger and I am more interested in being hilarious (or something) than fashionable — at least online. If you want fashion inspiration, go read Genny's blog.

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Genny said...

I am excited to read about how this worked for the three of you! :)