Monday, July 29, 2013

How much I want the universe to provide me with a satisfying means of income

Not that much.

Weird, right?

Here's the thing, and I say this as someone who participates fully in both consumerism and capitalism, constantly, and makes no real effort to reject either:

I have a much easier time buying into materialism than capitalism.

Here's what that looks like:

  • I like stuff.
  • I like the security of money.
  • I would like plenty of both, and would also like enough money to share with both people I love and total strangers.
  • I say things like, "when I'm rich, I'll..." and I'm only maybe 15% joking. (Not "if," not for me.) (Also: You would not believe some of the things I think I may someday spend money on.)


  • I do not like that my money is in any way tied to my work.
  • I do not like that my money is in any way tied to my sense of self-worth.
  • I do not like that some kinds of work are financially rewarded at higher rates than others.
  • I do not like that ownership is financially rewarded so outrageously disproportionately.
  • I do not like that there are people who still claim that working hard gets people more money, when that is demonstrably untrue at both the high and low ends of the wealth spectrum.


  • I want satisfying things to do with my time and talents*, and
  • I want income, and plenty of it, and
  • I want them to be unrelated, if possible.
I don't suppose everyone who buys lottery tickets does so out of a similar alignment of principles, but it's why I buy lottery tickets, for sure. I don't buy them much, because I understand math. Also, me winning the lottery would solve some of my problems, but would not fix what I believe is a deeply broken system. But sometimes, a $3 flash of magical thinking toward my own selfish goals is what I can muster.

*To be clear: I already have several of these things, some of which I am compensated for, and some of which I am not.

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Joe said...

I already planned on giving you money when I win Powerball, so hold tight.