Thursday, July 11, 2013

More on snow

Note: On the Facebook page, I mentioned a little while back that I had a folder full of drafts I never finished: More than 60 of 'em, in fact. I'm going through that folder now, deleting what's not worth it, posting what might entertain you. This gem dates back to December 2007.

Since some of you asked, yes, that snow that's hitting the Northeast has hit Keene. And it is very nice that I got some of the happy pretty snow before I had to contend with any of the pain-in-the-neck snow. This snow isn't even such a pain in the neck, really, but since I know you southern folk want to hear all about the weather, here you have it.

Last night, I drove a trip that is normally about an hour and a half in two hours. When I left, it had snowed, but was not really snowing, and there wasn't much on the ground. Most of the rest of the trip, it was really snowing, especially as I had to drive through a little semi-mountainy stretch. Some of you may recall that my air conditioner didn't really work over the summer. Bummer, but no big deal; I can roll down the windows. Turns out, my heat doesn't really work. Again, it's OK, I'm wearing a coat anyway. Oh, until it's snowing and the snow is freezing on the windshield and part of the heat not working is that the defrost doesn't really work either and it's almost midnight. Ugh. There was also one little skidding episode, which made me glad, as I so often am, that I learned to drive in New England.*

*If you have already heard about the very first time I drove, you can skip this asterisk. If not, bonus story! I was in a driver's ed car with an instructor and two friends, doing back-to-back-to-back lessons. I had literally never been behind the wheel of a car. and the instructor, who was a young woman and also in retrospect a genius, took us to an empty high school parking lot, waited until I was comfortable-ish driving slowly in circles, and, without warning, jerked up on the emergency brake, sending us into a skid so I could get used to the experience of turning into the skid. She did it a bunch more heart-stopping times, but I don't panic when I skid on ice, lo these many years later.

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