Monday, January 20, 2014

Higher than a...

So today, the car radio broke again. It worked perfectly for a few days, and I could turn it off or adjust the volume — and then, just before a very long drive, it stopped working, and so is now stuck off.

Naturally, I had to sing to myself a little in the car.

And I found myself singing, kind of loudly, "Star! Fish! Were meant to fly-ai-yi..."

Which, no. Not quite.

Two things, then:
  1. Ever caught yourself singing something odd and not quite right?
  2. If starfish were meant to fly, would it be more terrifying or hilarious?


April said...

If starfish were meant to fly, we would have fewer inspirational stories about people who go around throwing them back into the ocean. Because, you know, they could just fly there.

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Awesome. And, obviously, correct. WHO KNOWS how many fewer of us would be inspired to make a difference if starfish were meant to fly?