Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Reel quandary

There are currently 47 things on my Netflix instant queue.

Last night, I decided I'm making my way through it, one way or another. I'm watching things from the queue, deleting things I have no intention of watching. And last night, that worked out great. A little Trading Places, a little Wolves of Kromernothing complements the magic of Murphy and Ackroyd like gay werewolves that are metaphors for gay people, I always say.

Tonight, I decided to scroll through with my eyes closed and stop at random.

And this, right here, is where we (collectively) decide what kind of person I am.

Because the movie I brought up is Intolerance (1916), described by Netflix thusly:
Four stories spanning two millennia illustrate how intolerance has been a destructive force in the history of mankind, including the fall of Babylon.
I can only assume it's in there because it's an Important Film, and because a few years back I was working my way through the AFI's top 100 films of all time.

But this is a three hour and 17 minute silent film. About intolerance.

Watching it tonight is clearly not an option. That honor's probably going to Valley of the Dolls or Bill Cunningham's New York, or, like, anything else.

So, friends:

  • Am I going to watch this movie eventually, or
  • Should I just remove it from the queue?


Jennifer O'B said...

First off - gay werewolves?? awesome!

I would have trouble sitting through a 3+ hour silent movie, regardless of the topic or the quality - but that's me. I suspect it would make a great movie some time when you are stuck home for a period of time, but not home sick (I'd say snowed in, if you were still in the DC area).
I'd keep it on the queue, but at the bottom. I also don't think 47 items in your queue is crazy - they're all things you wanted to watch at some point.

Mike said...

You do not always say that. I've been with you lots of times when you never said anything of the sort. (I'd remember.)

bzzzzgrrrl said...

JO'B: Yeah. It's up to more than 47 now. It's not the number that bothered me — it's more that I had all this stuff on there that had been there for several years, and instead of ever watching it, I watch random mindless crap I don't care about.

Mike: You're right. You know what I DO always say? "There isn't a man, woman, or child alive who doesn't enjoy a lovely beverage."

Anyone who's interested: What I actually watched last night: An Unmarried Woman and Rid of Me. They're thematically similar, but VERY, VERY different. I recommend AUW more than RoM, but honestly, you could skip 'em both.

Kay said...

In the words of a children's song I know about someone who sticks her head into a skunk's den: "Take it out, take it out, take it out, re-MOVE-it."

bzzzzgrrrl said...

But I DIDN'T take it out
and the little skunk said
"You'd better take it out
or you'll wish you were dead..."