Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Vomit, leather, criminals, and a treadmill

I haven't posted much, but I haven't been doing much. Here are four things I have done, unrelated to each other, in chronological order:

  • I got crazy-sick with that stomach bug that's going around. It was over fast(ish), but while it was not over, it was a nightmare. I don't recommend it.
  • I went to a leather/drag-themed New Years Eve/birthday party, and it was super-fun. I don't know what more information on that readers are likely to want, so I present it just like that, with an invitation for question-asking.
  • I put together a treadmill with a femme friend. In case you are wondering about our mad problem-solving skillz, we put the handle in the freezer, and also used olive oil. If you are marveling at our awesomeness, you are right to do so. If you are scoffing, well, shut up. I have a fully functional treadmill, and did not have one before we thought to employ the freezer and the EVOO.
  • I caught myself reading the police and court reports in the local newspaper and then Facebook searching to see if I know anyone in common with any of the perpetrators or alleged perpetrators. I realized as I did so that it was not the first time I've done that. I am unsure if that is just a thing people in small towns do, or if it is just my own quirk, but regardless, I'm not sure how to feel about it.


Mike said...

My only question about said leather/drag NYEve party: In Keene??

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Nope. Brattleboro. :)

Mike said...

I shoulda known.