Monday, September 22, 2014

Good to the last drop

Lisa's not the only one who can take a picture of a mug. Mug provided by bzh.

Welcome, Polka Dot Cottage readers! There should be some new stuff here soon, but it'll be about Plattsburgh, NY, so if you want to get up to speed around here, may I recommend you start with The Plattsburgh Saga from nearly three years ago? (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) To get a feel for the rest of what I write, click around on the labels over there in the left rail, according to your interests.

Regular readers, hey there! A much more popular blogger than I (who is also my old friend) featured me on her blog this morning! She writes all kinds of useful/interesting/fun things, and today, she posted an interview with me! Grab a cup of coffee and get to know your blogger better. I will be drinking iced tea. Or lemonade. Probably an Arnold Palmer, because I'm indecisive like that. But I don't drink coffee. That was a bonus fact for those of you who actually read CMC, whether newly today or all the time.

(Also, today is RI's birthday. Happy birthday, RI!)


Mike said...

I like how the first photo illustrating her interview with you is of morris dancers, which (a) you're not and (b) as we've discussed, you are less unlikely to be a morris dancer than anyone else who isn't one. Rather like the way my friend Greg was once mistaken for a locally famous banjo player whom he doesn't really resemble -- he just kinda seems like a banjo player. (Anyway, yes, happy birthday to RI.)

bzzzzgrrrl said...

All the photos she used are photos from the blog. That one was from this post. I took it.

I wish *I* seemed like a banjo player.

Kidding. I wish I seemed like a pedal steel guitar player.

Joe said...

Excellent interview. But come on, no college dirt? I demand a follow-up conversation with some flashbacks.

Lisa Clarke said...

Happy belated birthday, RI!

Lucy, that is a lovely picture of a mug :-) It was a pleasure to interview you - thanks for participating!

As far as college dirt goes, I can think of nothing. You have always been so well-behaved. Or my memory is terrible. One of those things. Heh.

My strongest association with you and college is Friday afternoon tea. Such a very excellent tradition!