Friday, December 12, 2008

AIM high

(alternate title: In which I take an awesome story that I'm not even in and make it all about me)

Wednesday, I had a fantastic online chat with a friend of mine, who is a rock star. Not in the way where she's in a band or performs musically, more in the way where I am often awed or amused or both by her stories. She should get a blog. Anyway, we'll call her RS for now.
The chat went pretty much like this, with only a few minor details changed.

RS: i read this rather silly dating blog written by a vaguely cute boy and i just ran into him on the elevator at my office.
i almost said hello as if i knew him but then i realized that i don't actually know him in the real world, i just know him on the internet
me: um, awesome
that would be an excellent reason to say hello to him anyway
RS: i know... but it took me a minute to realize and there were other people on the elevator and i got off before he did
me: then it is an excellent reason to shoot him an e-mail saying that you almost said hello as if you knew him but then realized that you don't actually know him in the real world, you just know him on the internet
RS: except i can't email him, i can only post a message on his blog, which is kind of weird
i was thinking about posting a missed connection on craigslistme: yes, yes
post a missed connection
use his name, or his blog name
that increases the likelihood someone will pass it on
So, amusing enough already, right?
But then yesterday morning, there was this update:

RS: hi. so remember how i saw the cute blogger in the elevator yesterday? yeah, well turns out one of my friends knows his roommate and she emailed said roommate and told him that i saw the blogger on the elevator and thought he was cute and gave the roommate my phone number to give the blogger.
me: OMG
RS: my friend did this all on her own and then told me.
which i find to be kind of hilarious
unlikely anything will come of it, but funny nonetheless
me: yes
and also awesome
and also, he is fully going to blog about you/this episode
which is awesome on its own
in fact, i may blog about this
RS: perhaps. altho according to his blog he just started dating someone who is in my other friend's master's program. because every single person in this city knows each other apparently

Morals of this story:
  1. If you see someone you think is cute, who you think you know, say hello. Maybe you actually know them, and if you don't, maybe it will be a foxy blogger. Hell, maybe it will be me.
  2. Moral 1 only applies if what you want is to talk to the cute person. If you want the chance of a much better story, do not talk to him or her, but do tell all your friends about the episode.
  3. Big cities are small towns.
  4. If you tell me your funny stories, I will probably blog about them, but I will ask your permission and I will take out details that could identify you or other people in your story.
  5. Funny coincidence + cute boy = sufficient cause for me to use "OMG" in a chat, even though I am not a 14-year-old, and do not generally use caps at all.
  6. Regardless of whether you are using AIM or gchat, I am using gchat, and so chats with me are saved to be quoted from later.

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Kay Bailey said...

Today in the elevator I saw a 40-something professional woman and said, "I think I know you." We finally established that it was her "average Midwestern face" (her words) that just looked familiar, but not before we had listed all of our schools and graduation dates, places of past employment, husbands' names, career topics, and people whose names seemed appropriate to throw out. And not before she had gotten off the elevator with me to continue the connection search. Finally she got back on the elevator and I went to my office. We had exchanged names as the very first step of all this, and now that we are truly friends with a story of how we met, I've forgotten who she is. Maybe she'll read this.