Thursday, December 4, 2008

The anonymous comment experiment: Guilt

Several folks have commented to me that they love the anonymous comment experiment.
To which I say, "Me too."
Several others have asked if I know which comment is theirs.
To which I say, "Not usually. But you should feel free to tell me, because there are a few I am dying of curiosity about."

Thanks for continuing to play along, everyone. I really, really love it. And if you haven't gone back to read all the comments on the old ones, go take a look. You people and your candor rule.

Here's how it goes, as usual: Please respond to today's questions in the comments, anonymously.
Those of you reading the comments on any of the anonymous comment threads, realize that anonymity may increase the likelihood that some of the comments may be mean or NSFW.

What guilty pleasure are you least likely to tell your friends you indulge in? Which guilty pleasure are you least likely to tell your parents you indulge in?


Anonymous said...

I feel like my friends know most of my guilty pleasures and I don't have too many embarrassing ones...I'm obsessed with certain TV shows and watched every episode online...One Tree Hill...Grey's Anatomy...Lost. I can't think of anything too exciting for this one.

I don't think I'd want my parents to know too much about the "gay lifestyle" that I indulge in and enjoy...aka the lesbian films or LWord...or gay clubs or Ptown with girls dancing in cages...or lesbian sex toy parties...yeah I think it's best they don't know about these things.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a coincidence! Lesbian films, girls dancing in cages, sex toy parties - that's exactly what MY guilty pleasures are!. No, wait, that's what I _wish_ my guilty pleasures are!

Hummm, I'd tell ya what my guilty pleasures really are, but this is not quite anonymous enough.

What I don't want my parents to know is - just about everything since I turned 10 - no - since turned old enuff to think.

Anonymous said...

I'd be least likely to tell my parents that in the first year of law school, I drank several glasses of wine and fell asleep on the couch every night. In retrospect, that might have been a little bit of self-medication. I might be less likely to tell my friends that while I was drinking and passing out, I was watching "Blind Date" on TV.

Anonymous said...

My friends would proably be surprised by how much Christian Contemporary radio I listen to.

And there are lots of things I wouldn't tell my parents, but mostly not stuff I think of as "guilty pleasures." Sex toys, maybe. Or the drugs I used to do.

Anonymous said...

Friends: Painting my husband’s toenails and putting make up on his face. It was my idea, but he’s grown to like it, too.

Parents: Ditto.

Anonymous said...

Friends: "Housewives of Atlanta, New York and the original OC." I can't believe I just used the word original to describe anything about that show.

Mom: Indoor tanning. But I quit. But it's only December.

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