Friday, February 22, 2008

Awesome, awesome

You know I have no cable, so when I do watch TV, it's online. has full episodes of a bunch of its older shows online now.
A-Team, anyone? Miami Vice?
All there for your viewing pleasure.
They've got The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, even.
And on, My So-Called Life.
I feel like this could keep me busy for a while.
Also, everyone? It is your job to tell me when I turn into this guy.


Mike said...

NBC also has episodes of its older shows on primetime broadcast now, with new cast and old plot. (Okay, I'm referring specifically to Knight Rider, but you know it's the tip of the iceberg. New incarnations of Hill Street Blues and Little House on the Prairie can't be far behind.)

Kay Bailey said...

I love Little House on the Prairie. And I happen to know that I love the TV show more than I loved the books, which I read even though I had a TV. And the other day I felt myself making a Michael Landon On the Verge of Compassionate Tears face, which I could never have gotten from TV. So Lucy, I think you exist in a wonderful state: the ability to watch TV without making it a default state. BTW, you could never be that guy because you don't do historical anacronism activities.

Kay Bailey said...

I mean... I could never have gotten the Michael Landon face from books...

Mike said...

But Kay, the new Little House won't have Michael Landon except in a cameo in the premiere. It will have some younger Affleck brother you've never heard of, one of the guys from the boy band that tours with Miley Cyrus and probably Mary-Louise Parker as one of the grownups. And the woman who did the voice of Kim Possible. You know all this already; I'm just pointing it out.

Cousin Mouse said...

Who watches television anymore? Certainly not any teenagers I know. OK, I know one. But, I'm sure he's typical. All he watches is Youtube and online comics.

Speaking of which: