Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Let the voting begin

Yeah, yeah, you're all too funny for words.
Now, we will vote in the most complicated way possible. Please, in the comments, rank the stories in order of funny, from most to least.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, click here.
If you missed Carl's story, click here.
If you missed Katie's story, click here.
If you missed my cousin's first story, click here.
If you missed my cousin's second story, click here.

A few of the stories that missed the cut, due to not being submitted or not being submitted properly:
  • My record of locking myself out of my house, contrasted with the time I couldn't get my car door to close at the Peking Gourmet.
  • The time I broke my grandmother. (The anniversary of that horrible, horrible day was just last week, in fact.)
  • The many apartment floods, one of which went undetected, for weeks on end, only to have it turn into an Alpine scene under the carpet.
  • The tacky interaction I have had with Kay, involving giving her some pants, borrowing them back, and then "losing" them.
  • The time the only organized thing about my move was that I carefully packed the clothes I'd need for the first two weeks in New Hampshire, and then permitted the movers to put that trunk on the truck, resulting in my having only a black velvet dress, a blue T-shirt, and clothes borrowed from Kay.
  • The time I bought a cowboy hat in San Francisco on pride weekend, because in that context, it seemed like something I might ever wear again.
  • When I took my first copy-editing test, and the only error I made was missing an omitted “l” in “public financing.”
  • Several fashion faux pas, primarily but not exclusively in high school, many of which are quite well-documented.
  • Several hair faux pas, primarily but not exclusively in my 20s, many of which are quite well-documented.
  • The time I drew my bedroom inside out.
  • The time my (almost-)prom date got expelled from school a week before the prom, and also, perhaps obviously, grounded.
Do not vote for the bulletted unstories above. Vote only by ranking stories 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Update: Voting will close at 11:59 p.m. (Eastern) on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

i clearly think story 2 is the funniest because i want a prize.

after my hilarious story, i rank them as follows: story #3, story #1, story #4.

Anonymous said...

i will say that some of the nonqualifying stories are funnier than all of the qualifying ones, and i am sad the "the day lucy lit her face on fire" story was not appropriately submitted.

bzh said...

I'm with Katie, both about her story being the funniest and the nonqualifying stories out-funnying the qualifiers.

That said, I think Carl's comes next, followed by Cousin 1 and Cousin 2.

Seriously, though, you should think about lightening up on the rules. I mean, the trunk, the clothes-borrowing and the pubis l omitous are freakin' hilarious.

Mike said...

1. That is not nearly the most complicated way it's possible to vote. In fact, it's basically a form of instant-runoff voting, which would fix most of the things that are broken in American politics.

2. Oh yeah, the flood. Sorry I didn't think of that. (I still have a siphon from the ensuing Yankee Swap Potluck.)

3. "Pubic financing" was spelled correctly and there could indeed have been a story about it on an editing test. Without context, I'll have to take your word for it that it was an error, but -- well, I just googled "pubic financing" and got 239,000 hits, the first of which was: "Biden Campaign Takes Step Toward Pubic Financing." (Before you go thinking indignant thoughts about Sen. Biden, I'm sure this article meant to be referring to the Bliden campaign.)

Anonymous said...

Story 2 -- No. 1 -- by far!!!!!!!
Story 4 -- No. 2
Story 1 -- No. 3
Story 3 -- No. 4

Kay Bailey said...

Carl, Bill 1, Katie, Bill 2. Sorry about not submitting my stories. My life is too complicated to relive Lucy's face-lighting.

Anonymous said...

Katie, Carl, Cousin #2, Cousin #1. What's the prize??