Monday, February 11, 2008

Story #1

This one comes from my friend Carl, and is the first story I got in actual story form, this morning. I will extend the deadline to midnight tonight, if anyone else wants to get in on the action.

My most memorable and slightly embarassing recollection of [bzzzzgrrrl] in 1993 is as follows: [bzzzzgrrrl] and friends decide that for my birthday it would be fun to "kidnap" me and take me as a surprise to a very large, very good brewery in Virginia. [bzzzzgrrrl] chose to take the lead in my capture. So with the rest of our friends surrounding me, [bzzzzgrrrl] grabs me around the shoulders from behind in a bear hug. Since this was surprise, I though [bzzzzgrrrl] just was being playful, and wanted to wrestle. So I immediately dropped to the floor and started to pivot in order to get the pin. So [bzzzzgrrrl] says in her most stern, "your messing up our careful plan" tone of voice: "Stop struggling, Carl, we're just trying to take you out for a good time" Best laid plans of mice and men.
To be fair, I do not actually remember this happening. But it does sound like me. And like Carl.

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