Monday, February 11, 2008

Story #4

From the same cousin as Story #3:

The other story harkens WAY back to when City Mouse was a young teenager and we saw her bedroom. It remains the standard for Ultimate Teenage Messy Room against which all others are measured. I have to say many we've seen since have come close if not equal, including our own teens' rooms. Of course, since they are related to City Mouse, there may be something in the genes.

A Cousin

PS. City Mouse's house is very neat and tidy by comparision. Clearly she is Over It.


Anonymous said...

i would like to propose the theory that perhaps now she just has more room to spread her things, and so appears much neater and tidier.

i mean, just perhaps.

Mike said...

Now, had the contest invited stories about City Mouse's cousin, I would have entered. I was dog-sitting for Cousin Mouse a few years ago, looking after a rescued greyhound who was mostly mellow and affable but who had this Thing about being snuck up on when asleep. In the course of a house-sitting gig of several weeks, I had a friend over (who, later, despite this incident, became my S.O. and then my wife) to watch a movie, and it slipped my mind to brief her on this one detail of the otherwise cheerful greyhound's personality. Needless to say, my future mate did the one thing one shouldn't do with that particular dog. She accidentally bumped into him sleeping at the bottom of a stairway and the dog exploded like a land mine. Ultimately no harm was done to either mammal involved, my mate's pulse returned to an acceptable rate after a few minutes, and the dog bore me no grudges. But it was like one of those vintage Muppets sketches where our hero thinks he's chilling on a rock and the rock turns out to be a wart on the forehead of some humongous thing that just woke up and is not amused.

(Wait. I guess that story was about City Mouse's cousin's dog. Well, it was easier than making a story out of the time CM lit her face on fire. I mean, she just lit her face on fire, that's all. Trying to do that fire-breathing trick with grain alcohol. You had to be there.)