Monday, April 14, 2008

Look who's in the big town

So I was back in D.C. for an incredible whirlwind tour of about 40 hours (gasp), and, gotta say, it was fascinating to do it with a group of people, most of whom have not been to D.C. or who have been only on their eighth-grade class trip.
Some of the things that blow me away about D.C. that also impress or surprise people who've hardly been there:
  • The Holocaust museum
  • The Chinatown arch
  • How walkable a city it is
  • The cherry blossoms
  • All the blossoms, actually

Some of the things that at some point stopped blowing me away (in some cases, when I was 7) that impress or surprise some of the people who've hardly been there:
  • How expensive drinks are
  • That the Capitol and the White House are not the same thing
  • That the Capitol and the White House are kind of far apart
  • T-shirt vendors
  • The Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Starbucks
Definitely good to be back in town for a little bit. After a more-eventful-than-I-had-hoped trip home, I am glad to be able to report that the last of the snow melted off my deck Thursday before I left, and it has not been replaced with more snow. Today, we expect highs in the 40s.


Kay Bailey said...

Sorry I couldn't participate. I hope you enjoyed all your expensive drinks!

Cousin Mouse said...

Did you hear any jingling? Saturday was the Capitol Hill Cherry Blossom Walking Tour (morris dancing/pubbing). Looks like you were close by.

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Ah, bummer, cuz. I did not hear the jingling, and did not see you guys. That would have been something to impress the crowds with. Look, you guys, it's dancers! With hankies! And bells! And big sticks! And — I know them!