Sunday, April 6, 2008


Pizza up here is different.
It's greasy, and yummy, and mostly made by Greeks (My favorite place as a kid was Danos; in my current town, the place to go is Athens. Amici's is good, too, but it's not Greek and much New Yorkier).
You can always get a good Greek salad with good Greek dressing to go with it.
You can always get anchovies if you want them.
For a while, people up here called it "'za," although I haven't heard that lately.
There's a different flavor to it, too, and I learned what the secret is from my friend Billy just before I moved away to Washington: cheddar cheese mixed in with the mozzarella. That accounts both for the greasiness and for the yumminess.

Also, I am eating it for breakfast this morning.


Cousin Mouse said...

Some of the best pizza I ever had was in Keene, probably at "Athens." It was definately Greek. The topping was eggplant and it was awesome!

Ledo's Pizza in College Park, MD is pretty good too. Have you ever had that? Shall I bring some with me when I come up in May? :)

bzzzzgrrrl said...

I also like the Ledo's pizza in Arlington (which is a different animal, as a result of the big Ledo's pizza divide).
Who am I kidding? I like most pizza.

Mike C. said...

The bread is different too -- more pretzelish.

I tried to explain the idea of the Greek Pizza Place when I lived in the midwest, and everyone looked at me like I was crazy. Everyone in the midwest knows that Greeks run diners, not pizza places. I was clearly insane.

In West Keene (known to you as the 'burbs) there is a pizza place run by a family from Turkey. They serve Greek style pizza (Greece and Turkey are apparently united on this issue).

The place is called Pizza Down Under, and the jukebox is full of country tunes on real 45s.

If I ever write a sitcom, this place goes in it. Take Friends out of Central Perk and put it here and it's instant Pinter.