Friday, May 16, 2008

I finally get that brother I've been asking my parents for since I was five

So, maybe you heard, we had a Wedding up here.
I know some of you are dying for news of how it went. It was beautiful and fun. The reception was lovely. My sister and her new husband were both calm and cute. Such a delight.
A few key (or just funny) moments:
  • The tea ceremony, which went off without a hitch (and I got a dress and a pair of scissors out of it. No, no one knows why scissors).
  • The priest plotted with the happy couple about when the H.C. would kiss, against the presumed wishes of the parents of the bride (also priests)
  • An aunt of the bride referred to my dad as the "F.O.B.," for father of the bride. That made him wonder aloud what I was to be called. She assured him we'd go with "M.O.H." (maid of honor).
  • The heavy summer-camp influence included a brilliant and very successful game of human bingo designed by the maid of honor, and a massive group of camp people singing their camp song.
  • I did, indeed, get to drink beer with my cousins and consume it on my new patio furniture.
Some of the things that seemed like crises for a minute, but were easily resolved:
  • The misspelling of the groom's name on the cover of the wedding program
  • The disappearance of the bride's dog the day before the wedding (turns out, I just accidentally shut her in a closet)
  • One sweet and very hungry child who was not brought her food for an insanely long time (the bride fed her some of her own rice)
  • Three winners of human bingo, with only one planned prize (the mother of the bride kindly donated some of the centerpieces, which were live plants destined for her own garden, to the cause)
Really, if these are the biggest problems, we're all OK.
Needless to say, I have not yet started on any of the things on my After-The-Wedding to-do list.
Oh! And I almost forgot! The marriage is of course the most joyous news of all, but there is a runner-up piece of joyous news: As my brother-in-law says, "the US Government has officially welcomed [him] to become a permanent resident of the USA," despite his confusing number of names. This is huge. Yea green card!


Cousin Mouse said...

Lo, I have sat upon the Patio Furniture and drank of the beer thereon.

Yea, I have loaded my dishes dirty into the New Dishwasher and seen them raised out clean!

The Clothes Dryer have I also seen, this and the Hairs That Were Cut, the Signs of Mice, and also the Placecards upon which were writ the Names of The Invited.

Polka Dot Creations said...

Congratulations on getting that brother :-) Glad everything went well!

Kay Bailey said...

This sounds absolutely delightful! Wonderful, wonderful!