Sunday, November 3, 2013

Great and full

And on Day 3, we're ready to start with the guest posts. This one's by bzh. Enjoy!

I'm not sure where someone like me starts in being grateful.

Is it with God, whose presence in my life has been strong and terrifically comforting in recent days? Or my parents, who raised a feisty, driven, independent child, and then foot the entire bill for her education? Or Husband, whose patient resolve has held our marriage together during more than one of my desperate attempts to kill it? Or my Urchin, who teaches me something new every day of her delicious existence? Or my company, which pays me well to do what I do best all day every day? Or my mentors, who've taken me under wing and shown me how to navigate the high road with grace, courage, strength and speed? Or my out-of-network therapist, whose ability to help me own my shit has dramatically reduced the amount of shit I own?

Truth is, gratitude is a bit of a cliché in a life like mine. Everywhere I turn there is something to be grateful for. And how great is that?

It's pretty damn great. It's also pretty easy to take for granted, so I work hard not to every day. Like people who live in the Alps or the Rockies who can no longer see the splendor, members of the lucky sperm club like me can go blind if we're not careful. We can handily forget that what we have, the life we lead, is not real for everyone. For many — maybe even most — it's Fantasyland and we're goddamned lucky to have landed here.

I work hard to keep my eyes open wide — for myself, sure, but especially for my Urchin. I'm not there yet. I forget sometimes that the road I travel is paved with smooth stones. Lucky for me, I have dear friends who help me remember, from time to time, just how good I have it. They're gentle about it, mostly, when I say or do something bubbleheaded. Every once in a while, though, it takes a good hard smack in the noggin. And they're not afraid to do that, either.

So on this day in November, as we approach our national day of Thanksgiving, I'm grateful for the members of my Village who help me keep my journey honest and true. And love me with every step.


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Joe said...

You need to start writing again. Just sayin'.