Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thank you

Happy Thanksgiving.

I think we've discussed before that I feel conflicted about Thanksgiving; for some of why, see Cal's blog. It's worth knowing that the things we were told about Pilgrims and Indians is beyond sappy and inaccurate; it's dangerous, willful propaganda.

But then there is pie, which is not such a big deal, and the one time a year my mother's side of the family is together, which is a big deal, and an opportunity to reflect on gratitude, which is the biggest deal of all, to me.

So, conflicted.

I try to separate the great gifts of this day from the reason for the season, and I do OK, because like most Americans, I do just fine at ignoring history, mostly — but ignoring history has a price, and I am lucky enough that I'm not the one paying it, mostly.

Sorry, didn't mean to be such a downer. It just seemed wrong to have you along for this ride for a whole month without my saying anything.

And today's piece of gratitude, about which I feel unconflicted, is you.

It's everyone who reads this blog, ever.

And it is most especially those of you who've helped me out this month.

The eleven of you have enriched this month for me through your stories and your generosity and your taking some of the pressure off me.

Day 28 of our month of gratitude: I am thankful for you. Thanks again.


Calvin Rey said...

Right back atcha.

Also, acknowledging conflict and privilege and oppression does not bring me down. To the contrary. I'm not free until everybody's free.

nyczoo said...

Somehow, I missed all of these awesome posts. I'm grateful that you rounded them back up, and for you, Bzzzgirl.

Joe said...

It was our pleasure, CMC. You helped me out, too.