Saturday, December 20, 2008

The anonymous comment experiment: Regret

Based on the response to the last ACE, I suspect the Anonymous Comment Experiment may be played out.
Here's how you can help me decide if my suspicions are correct:
If I get a combined total of five comments on any ACE questions between now and a week from now, I'll keep doing it. If not, not so much.

Respond to today's question (or any of them) in the comments, anonymously.
Those of you reading the comments on any of the anonymous comment threads, realize that anonymity may increase the likelihood that some of the comments may be mean or NSFW.

If you could take back anything you said or typed this week, what would it be?

Oh, hey. One commenter and one in-person friend has expressed concern that these comments may be less than anonymous. It is possible that there's some way for me to figure out who you are, but if there is, I don't know what it is (and don't want to). The only comments I even have hunches on are the ones where someone comments on a bunch of posts in a row, and some of the comments aren't anonymous. Since I see all comments as they come up, I do get some inclination there. But I don't assume I'm right, and that's easy for you to avoid, if you are really very concerned about me knowing who you are.


Anonymous said...

I want to post just to keep the idea alive, but I have no regrets.

Anonymous said...

There are people I regret, but I can't very well regret them anonymously.

Anonymous said...

I can think of two things that I said and wrote almost simultaniously to the same person and I only have a tinge of regret because I wasn't sure how each was taken.I am not sure how this person taking anything these days from me. It should be really simple and for some reason for me it is not which is awkward and it makes me scruitize things I say and do around this person. One might suggest not being around this person to sort of smooth out the edges...not sure I really want to do that either. So I am wondering what it is that I am really regretting...