Saturday, December 20, 2008

A big to-do

I know, yesterday I said I'd give you three posts, and then only gave you one.


Really I got too lazy to post the one, and too angry to post the other.

And now I want to post up a storm, as it were, but it's 2:24 and I am still sitting here in my pajamas.

Here is what I have already done this weekend (in no particular order):
Here is what I still hope to do this weekend (in no particular order):
  • get dressed
  • watch some old episodes of My Name Is Earl
  • write and send Christmas cards to those who have sent them to me
  • write my annual wintertime e-mail
  • buy wrapping paper
  • get a bunch of boxes together
  • go to the office to wrap the presents I left there
  • ship presents to far-away folks
  • clean my room
  • quickly tidy the rest of the house
  • clean the refrigerator, in case we're having Christmas here and I need to find room for a goose and a roast beef
  • do something to make the potted Norfolk pine I'm using as a Christmas tree look festive without breaking it
  • go to church
  • shovel the walk
  • buy one more present
  • ah, hell. Two more.
  • make sure my sweater with the baby Jesus on it is clean and presentable
  • call the butcher to see if the goose we ordered is in
  • pick up goose and roast beef, if so
  • watch Harakiri
  • reorder my Netflix list, because I have no idea why Harakiri is even on there
  • write that blog post about Rick Warren
  • write that new Anonymous Comment Experiment post
  • dust
  • figure out where we'll put presents so my sister's bichon doesn't eat them
  • bake?
  • shovel the walk again, after tomorrow's storm
Seems like I should get a wiggle on.


April said...

You have a sweater with the Baby Jesus on it??!

bzzzzgrrrl said...

I do. I have this sweater, in fact. That link is from ebay, and will be no good after January 16, but QVC doesn't seem to have the sweater anymore. It is a very special sweater.

mike said...

You ordered a goose from a butcher? I thought you were in New England.

(I'm impressed, and wistful. Christmas here is going to be 40% vegetarian.)

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Our Christmas guests will not at all be vegetarian, but our meal will be 50 percent vegetarian:
-mashed potatoes
-brussels sprouts
-roast beef
-plum pudding direct from Takoma Park
-some other dessert that does not contain suet

Where would you get a goose?

mike said...

The question hasn't come up before, but I dunno, Whole Foods, I guess. I don't even have a local butcher shop, except one specializing in cylindrical Italian meats.