Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fashion, forward

My friend Genny posted this style q-and-a to her blog nearly a month ago.

Thanks to the magic of procrastination, you get mine now. Fun, right?

(Note: If you actually go back and read Genny's responses, you'll see she included some questions I skipped. I only answered the fashion and style ones; if you want to be sure to answer all the questions, you should copy from her, not me. And either way, you should post to your own blog and link here, or do your answers in the comments.)

My biggest influence when dressing: Mood. And what's clean. Not necessarily in that order.

My signature scent:
Most days, I just wear deodorant. So, daily, Tom's of Maine Long-Lasting Lemongrass. For special occasions (which can mean, "occasions on which I happened to notice the bottle"), I wear Ma Griffe by Carven.

My Go-To Flower: Peonies. I am not sure I understand what go-to means in this context, but I love peonies.

Style Icons: I have so many, most of them people I know (including Genny herself). Among the famous people I emulate when I'm thinking about it: Katharine Hepburn, Mary Tyler Moore, and, if I ever have the arms for it, Michelle Obama. OK, yes, and probably still the cast of Friends. Shut up.

What should every woman have in her wardrobe?
Something that feels like her. Nothing is simultaneously sexier and easier to be around than a woman who is totally at home with herself, in her skin, in her gender, in her outfit.

What do you splurge on?
Almost nothing. I buy things as inexpensively as I can. I have taken to wearing more expensive, designery jeans lately, but I buy them on the cheap (usually second-hand).

Every woman should own: Didn't we cover this already? Anyway, more specifically, underwear she feels good in, whatever that means for her.

I can't live without: Well, that's dramatic. But a good pair of black heels.

What's not worth the investment? Practically everything, fashion-wise. But especially: fancy layering Ts or tank tops. You can get them at Target (or your inexpensive store of choice), and as long as you try on to get a good fit, they'll look as good and last as (not very) long as more expensive ones.

Favorite Eyewear: I rarely wear sunglasses. But I am in love with my day-to-day glasses right now, and almost every frame made by Kliik.

Worst Current Trend: Understand that my idea of "current" is slightly warped by living where I live, but when can Uggs be over?

Best Current Trend: Same caveat as above, but layering saves my life and ability to get dressed every day.

Things I Buy in Bulk: Any staples I find cheap. Great bras on clearance at TJ Maxx? I buy every one in my size. A tank top that fits just right? I buy one in each color (and probably more than one in white).

What's the secret to looking polished? If I knew, would I look like this? I feel like the devil's in the details. For me, I gesture differently and fidget less if my nails are done. That's gotta help somewhat, right?

Movies that have inspired my fashion: You don't want to hear any more about my good fashion choices. You want to hear about the bad ones, that are (one hopes) behind me now. Breakfast Club. Thelma and Louise. Cinderella (luckily, that only inspired one nightgown decision, and I was six). The Bad News Bears. Singles.

What's the secret to making yourself stand out? In my experience, weirdness. Sometimes that works out well, sometimes less well, but it always stands out. Think Lady Gaga's meat dress. Or Madonna's cone bras. Or me in high school wearing a tie a few times a week.

Must-have clothing:

My Go-To Accessory:
Hoop earrings.

What are your favorite jeans? Right now, a thrift-store pair of Luckys. Do people say "Luckys"?

Day 18 of my month of gratitude: I'm grateful for fashion, for the funness of playing and reinvention and chances to look better — or just different.

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