Thursday, November 25, 2010


Sometimes, I am reading a blog, and the blogger has written a long list of things she's thankful for. I mean, a long list. So I might be maybe a little hoping she'll give me ideas I can steal for my month of gratitude series, and then all of a sudden I'm in her blog as a thing she is thankful for.


That's, like:
  • so meta
  • so sweet
  • so cool
  • so weird

I should say a little about Whimsy (the aforementioned blogger). I don't know her. Never met her. The things I know about her are what she writes on her blog, so, mostly about her daughter and her husband and her deep friendships and some travel stuff. Her blog landed in my reader initially because she was funny and smart, and though that is still true, I read a lot of funny smart stuff, and a lot of funny smart stuff has been streamlined out of my reader. She stays there because her blog exudes this amazing, consuming love — in addition to the smart and funny. I like having that kind of love in my day.

It's Thanksgiving Day, and I'm also one post behind, so you'll likely be getting another post from me. But I also have to drive several hundred miles, and maybe go for a run, and enjoy a big meal with some of the people who've known me longest and best and who love me much (as I do them), so, you know, maybe there won't be a lot of time for posting. Whatever you do with your day today, I hope that you are happy and safe and well-loved, and that someone lets you know you are cared for.

Day 23 of my month of gratitude: I am thankful for people who make the internet not only funnier and smarter, but also warmer. I am thankful for people who let me into their lives and then make me glad of it.

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